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We are now in a free world where the internet has been the talk of the day where people love making money online.

Here on know it now dot info, we love gilding and unveiling the things one needs both online and offline.

On this very topic now, we are going to reveal to you how to identify fake and scam online business sites that promise to pay you heaven and earth which have turned many internet users' financial breakdown like MMM and others.

Yes when we talk of online business, many people are making a lot of money online while many are also being scam online due to the lack of knowledge in identifying fake online biz sites.

Let me just share a little experience I had in the past about making money online which ends up eating and squandering my hard earned money. I'm the kind of guy that loves internet and also loves to make money from it but many turned to be fake like nairaflow, wakanda, and many other online platforms like peer to peer and refer and get paid 

How To Identify Fake/scam Online Business Sites

  • Those telling you to you to invest and earn ×2, ×3,×4 and so on in 24 to 72 hours are scammers.

  • An online business that doesn't have a contact gateway like phone number, business email address are 💯 scammers.

  • Those online businesses telling you to pay a member to receive X2 by merging two people to pay you are criminals.

  • Those telling you it's mandatory to refer to people before you earn are pure scammers.

  • Those telling you to earn bitcoin, ethereum on telegram through the help of telegram boys are pure criminals.

  • Those sites telling you to mine $10 BTC, eth, and others to get x10 in 24 hours are thieves.

  • Those sites telling you to view ads being displayed on their sites are criminals, they are using you to make  money while you work for them without pay.

  • Those telling you to watch short videos on their site, Facebook, Instagram and get paid per watch are pure scammers, they are using you for rituals.

As we have known the few ways scammers use in scamming us in the name of earning online, I think this above will help in identifying a fake online earning site.

Also we can identify a fake online earning site by using scamadviser in analysing the site to see the 
  • creator name
  • Site duration
  • Site score
  • Site review
  • Site technical contact
  • Owner's address
And many more.

"Many are called but few are chosen" -Bible Quote

"Many online earning sites are online but few are legit"- Real Winner Quote

Note: Be  wise and always analyse a site before funding and investing your money 

To see tested and trusted online earning sites always visit Realwinner dot com dot ng.

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Yes on this topic I'm going to discuss and review the counta  measures one can use  to prevent his or her  Facebook account being hacked by  criminals.

Facebook as  known, has been the number one social media platform across the globe where  many online users interact with their friends and also perform the following Like voice call, video call,  view friends pictures and also see trending markets in the world of business.

But as a legal owner or registered member of a Facebook account do you know that your account can be hacked by hackers, scammers or internet criminals?

Many people always ask, what do these hackers use my  Facebook account to do? 

But I tell you they use your Facebook account they hacked to perform many illegal activities online.

Now let me tell you what they use your hacked Facebook account to do.

  1. They use it to steal money from your friends.
In this way, when your Facebook account is being hacked like you are a pastor, business man and the rest they will use it to request money from your friends in which your friend might think you were the one that did request for such.

Like previously, I logged in to my Facebook account and I just saw a message from my uncle who is a pastor telling me that he saw death in my family last night on his dream and has prayed against it but I should sow a seed of faith to his account no, I just laughed because I knew his account has been hacked.

What did I do next? I decided to publish a post to my friends telling them not to listen to any message from my uncle's account, that those messages are not from him, that his Facebook account has been hacked by the criminal.

  1. They use your Facebook account to do illegal business.
This one is the one we regard as Yahoo Yahoo. 
In this way they always find a Facebook account that has been valid for years so they can use it to steal money from all these businessmen or women telling them they have been into so.. so.. so business that they will like to partner with you. And you know the worst part is that they  will go online to find a good product you might like, then send it to you so that you will think they are real and legit, they will also send you prices telling you to pay before the goods will be delivered to you.

So now we know what those hacker's use your Facebook account to do, let's see how to prevent them from hacking your's.

How to prevent your Facebook account been hacked by hackers

➡️ Always put a strong password that will not be easy to guess (always combine alphabet,numbers and symbols ) to your passwords.

➡️ Always hide some of your identities online

➡️ Don't put your Facebook registered phone number online

➡️ Always log out of your Facebook account before giving your phone out or always lock your Facebook app with an external app lock.

➡️ Always switch off your auto password saver on your browser for Facebook

➡️ Don't use your Facebook account to sign up for other accounts which are not popular, legal or authorized.

➡️ Always use two- factor authentication
See how to do that below……

How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication

➡️ Login to your Facebook account

➡️click on the three arrows at the right side of your Facebook account.  See screenshot below

➡️ Scroll down and click on "settings"

➡️ Scroll down and click on "security and login"

➡️ Now click on "use two-factor authentication"

➡️  Now Click on "use authentication app"

➡️  Copy the code displayed

➡️ Now go to your "Authentication App"

➡️ Click on the + Button 

➡️ Click on enter Generated Key, now paste the code you copied from Facebook 

➡️ click Ok or Submit

➡️  On your Authentication App you will see a code, now copy the code

➡️ Go back to Facebook and paste the code  and click on "Continue"

Congratulations, your Facebook account has been protected successfully.

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Hello viewers, welcome to the where we help you with guilds and tips site. 

I am here to pointout to you ways to insert, upload , direct download hyperlink in blogger weblog posts.

To upload a direct download link in blogger, right here we create direct download link for blog with the use of google drive, if we have got a blog where we share  audio files, video for watch, software for downloads, android apps or information for downloads or view, then we first upload them in one vicinity like Google Drive, now here we copy the share link from google drive and now post it to our blogger blog then publish it for our viewers and visitors to download and luxuriate in it on their smartphone or PC. 

Now site visitors will come to our blogger publication, then they'll click at the download link or button, then the location visitors will visit the download preview choice of google drive, here we'll provide the direct download hyperlink to the visitors, in order that he can download the file easily on one click. 

Create Direct Download Hyperlinks For Documents:- 

STEP 1: visit google drive and click on on the blue new button then click document or folder upload link. upload direct download link in blogger step 2 below

Step 2: Here we upload any documents or folders. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 3 below

Step 3: Here we properly click on the record that you simply want to share and click on on share... link. 
add direct download link in blogger step 4 below

Step 4: On this pop up window we click on get shareable link. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 5 below

Step 5: Now click on the copy link button or you press Ctrl c on your PC and click on the blue finished button. upload direct download link in blogger step 6 below

Step 6: now open Google Drive hyperlink generator and that we paste that hyperlink into the primary text container then click the generate button. 
add direct download link in blogger step 7 below

Step 7: Right here now what we will do now is to  copy the generated direct link we got from the Google drive link generator. 
upload direct download hyperlink in blogger step 8 below

Step 8: Visit your blogger dashboard Go to your post put up and pick the textual content that you simply give hyperlink then click on hyperlink choice.
 add direct download link in blogger step 9 below

Step 9 Now paste the generated  hyperlink to where you want it to be on your post or content. 

Step 10: Click  ok button and publish

With this mentioned above steps i think that adding a file to your blog from your google drive account won't be a hindrance, be it for download or view only.

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Many bloggers try to seek out a perfect and interesting theme they like but unfortunately they saw one  on a follow bloggers site but don't know the theme name.

 With this you'll not know what to undertake to do at the moment. 

But worry no more  because here at we always assist you get what you'd like by giving out the ideas and guilds you'd like as a blogger and in other aspects when it involves online stuff.

 To get a blogger template name , what you'd like to know  is the theme author, name of the theme, version of the theme and thus the theme URL Link. 

Once you are able to get all of these, you'll be capable of getting the theme on-line both premium theme or free theme relying on the form of the theme. 

Steps On how  to Get Or Know The Theme A Site Is Using Source Code

➡Go to the online site to hunt out its template name. It must be a blogger website. 

➡Now attend to  source code viewer to see  the blog source code by going to submitexpress dot com 

➡️Now input the blog url you will like to analyze

 ➡Now replica the whole code out of your source code viewer site document and paste it in your textual content editor like html viewer.

➡From your html code or any code  editor, find keywords like “blogger template”, “blogger subject”, “blogger template version” etc and press “enter” 

➡Similar to what you will see from the below screenshot I searched for blogger templates of and it suggests as below.

 ➡Now copy the name of the theme or template and thus the name of the author and determine it on google with the assistance of typing them for your google seek or search bar.

 With the above steps, I'm sure you'll locate the template with ease made for download if it’s free. but just  in case it’s a premium template then you will need to shop for it. 

Why you'll Not Find Blogger Theme Name Even after following the above steps, and you couldn’t discover the blogger template name and creator name of the theme you’re seeking out, this way the online site proprietor has made some changes. a couple of website owners having understood the truth that others can use this trick to locate blogger template names, they'll then deduct the primary names and different related information. if so, you'll not be able to encounter such themes unless you contact the web site admin. 

Note: this method is used only for bloggers. 

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Beginning a weblog nowadays has come to be smooth with structures like wordpress, blogger and lots of others. However, once it's  up and strolling, the simplest thing to think about is the way to   convey extra traffic to your blog or web site.

Don’t fear, and also you don’t have to be an advertising guru to advertise for  your blog. you'll easily increase your weblog site visitors to urge extra visitors via employing a few confirmed first-class practices. Additionally, you don’t need to spend a dime to urge site visitors to your weblog.

But, during this post, you'll  learn a couple of verified techniques on the things that will get your site visitors in your weblog freed from charge.

Unlike other articles on growing weblog visitors, we're only getting to give some  suggestions that we accept as true to form certain, to grow our website visitors to many website perspectives monthly.

I have also finished my quality work to form this the foremost comprehensive web site traffic guide so you'll have an efficient blog site visitors strategy for your business.

Ready? allows me to urge moving.

1.  Make Your Content Readable

1.  Make Your Content Readable

The main purpose you've a weblog is to present Value to your audience, due to this you would like to form each content material you write readable and well informative. a small problem in reading or knowledge will postpone your users, and that they may get away without searching in the least of the useful statistics which you offered.

To remedy this problem before it takes place, you would like to form all of your content clean to read. A superb location to start out could be to supply your article in bite-size sentences employing a pleasant tone and much of visuals and prevent grammatical errors.

2. Use Social Media

Growing a channel or website on social media can assist generate huge site visitors. a variety of citizens spend longer on social media, and this cool may be a bonus for you. create a social media website, or organization, drop informative content material there a day  or frequently, once you  have generated many citizenry to hitch your organization, you'll begin dropping posts  with their hyperlinks to your website, with people having the foresight of the worth you've got been giving, they'll willingly check for your web site or weblog. The best and most rated social media handles to leverage for site visitors are, facebook, pinterest, instagram.

3. Put abreast of Medium

Medium may be a social platform with many thousands of each day site visitors, and it is a good and large chance of gaining site visitors for your site. Medium features a huge sort of audience, each regionally and internationally, which provides you an authority to post any content material regardless of your audience kind. you'll create an account on medium and submit without cost. However, you would like to possess nicely informative content material, targeting a specific area of interest, as citizens get familiar with your content material, you'll drop the link to your web site, this creates probabilities of you getting tons of traffic every day without cost.

4. Boards/Forum

Another way to get traffic in your website online is to post on boards or forums like nairaland, for instance,  a  forum that has over 500,000 a day visits, you'll need is  to "sign up for  an account without any cost, and then secondly post or  publish articles regularly This allows you to get an accepted trusted  person, and therefore the extra informative your content material, the additional the visitors you get on your website.

5. Answer Questions On Quora

This technique is additionally very powerful, quora is a web platform, almost like a forum, you get to publish a question , to urge people offer you  solutions, most significantly the greater informative your solution are, with the hyperlink to your blog, the more chance of getting site visitors, all at no cost.

All you are doing is, check in to Quora, use the hunt or Search tab using the keyword of the post you would like to share, there'll constantly be a solution available, then you'll write your solution concerning the content material to your weblog, and your weblog hyperlink at rock bottom or bottom.

6. Visitor Post

This is every other powerful thing to get site visitors to your website, and this involves you to place in writing on another weblog with better authority to your area of interest. With this, you'll get huge traffic as they get more citizenry to review your content on the blog.

The most powerful key on getting site visitors to your blog is to always share a very informative and nice content materials both on your blog or as a visitor, submit it to  every other blog posts, share your content materials or posts url link  to your social media handles, and ask your audience to share your content material also to their friends.

After using the above mentioned methods, you'll get visitors to your blog for free of charge. 

Kindly drop your comment if you've got more guidelines  to share or hints to feature also.

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On-line advertising has been visible together of the utmost vital methods, numerous companies and individuals markets  on-line. In recent years, it has been visible that per  click on advertising is becoming a useful method of enhancing SEO. However, the utilization of online advertising and marketing to reinforce SEO is useful, but it doesn't provide its own advantage directly. 

To start with, whenever we discuss 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it's seen as a way of generating traffic organically for your website, this site visitors isn't generated from ads, and google has its own way of discovering or calculating  search results using its  own very algorithms.

PPC (Pay Per Click), however, is an approach wont to attract numerous site visitors by utilising paid adverts. Markets target a specific set of humans employing a particular  keyword(s). a spread of humans employ PPC thanks to the very fact their emblem could also be visible more  than the organics. In PPC, you'll only receive a commission while your ads are clicked.

The query right here is; how does Pay Per Click (PPC) improve program Optimization (SEO)? 

they're listed in these 3 motives below.

Pay  Per  Click  Always Leads  In Getting More Visitors, And Also Causes More Social Media Coverage.

Yes, like we earlier said, the utilization of pay per click  makes the generation of tourists very smooth, due to this, the web site gets quite few online exposure thanks to its great quantity of site visitors, on the opposite hand, the general online and social media exposure could also be better. lately, when individuals are interested in a selected product, they're those that have a bent to exhibit those merchandise on social media, this has been seen as a really good manner to reinforce your brand and successively, enhance your universal on-line presence.

When People Sees Your Ads, They'll  Want To Click At The Organic Results of Your Search.

For a spread of people, whenever a billboard is positioned online, especially if it's a pay per  click advert, they'll be  likely to get the organic results of those advertisements and click on on them. It has been seen that humans have a bent to seek out the organic results of a billboard and click on the top result instead of the ads. While those people do this, they'll be improving the general SEO of your website, during a few instances, it's not altogether likely to occur. But when it happens, it's getting to do your website an entire lot of advantages. 

Google Uses Expanded Site Visitors As a part of The Rating Manner.

Numerous people, especially commercial enterprise owners, web site owners, and everyday net customers don't realize this, however google additionally makes use of high website interplay and growing traffic to strengthen the hunt index of a selected web site. when an online site has quite little traffic coming in, google features a set of rules that exams the number of interplay on the web site and therefore the quantity of site visitors coming, at once the set of rules detects that they'll get on par, your search outcomes might be advanced. This within the end of the day enables your SEO to be substantially progressed.


In summary, we will see how Pay Per Click (PPC)  enhances the program Optimization of a specific website. But, for a marketer, it is suggested that you simply don't  use this approach as your favorite strategy in improving your program Optimization, despite the very fact that the approach is sure to make an impact, the impact might not be as plenty as you will be expecting it to be.

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A weblog is often said to be a sort of website that deals with or sets its website majorly on written data. 

It is ready to additionally be called a blog put up. blogs are a superb thing to proportion your thoughts with the planet without being uninteresting. but the dominant query has continually been, the things to do  in order to  create an exciting blog freed from charge without being boring and nonetheless make cash from it. Here are a couple of ways to try to do this correctly.

The first step to starting a weblog is

Selecting something descriptive is significant, this plays a primary function in attracting people for your blog. Life’s reviews could also be a terrific region to derive your weblog name.

➡️A Great material is additionally Essential.

Passions you're curious about are an excellent thing to start with like automobiles, cooking, travel, fashion are all good tips. it's impossible to acknowledge all who might gain from what you share, so choose numerous subjects occasionally. it's going to be approximately family, paintings, random thoughts and fantasies or even bad reports intrinsically information are often useful.


After choosing a reputation for your blog and a couple of topics you'll like to discuss, it's important to urge your weblog online. to urge your blog running smoothly, you would like  this two things, they're as follows:-




 A blog host is a corporation that maintains all of your files to your weblog and sends them to the user after they type your weblog name for viewing. you would like to have a weblog host to possess a weblog. you'd also need a software to create your weblog.

➡️Customise Your Blog.

Anyone features a particular concept of the way they might like their blog to look like. one awesome thing about a few wordpress blogs is that you simply could prefer to make some changes on  your entire layout and style with only a couple of clicks of your mouse. Changing themes is the most easiest method within the customization of your blog, and this performs an enormous function in making your weblog thrilling or uninteresting. so, choose a shocking and exciting theme.

➡️Upload Humor To Write-ups

Exciting write-ups are considerably important. The sketch of humor at an equivalent time as writing may be a great way to form your blog exciting. Humor enables your readers to seek out pleasure in what they're analyzing, and it gives them a purpose to take care of or maybe  Return for more. However, moderation is of the essence.

➡️Advance Your Weblog

Spend enough time promoting your blog. A splendid vicinity to market a blog content is on social media. Social Networks are also incredible places to position your links attached to your weblog content, and also when your  friends do an equivalent thing, your visitors and readers multiply and have  much broader scope and to make sure your readers return for extra, you'll be wanting email marketing, with the permission of your readers, sending them updates, may be a superb manner to accumulate this.


The usage of adverts is different to form your weblog exciting, at an equivalent time as adverts can make your weblog thrilling, it could also earn you money. The right manner to earn on  your blog is by making out space for publishing  of ads. There are quite a few ways to form a live account of your weblog, as an instance, showing people what you sell and even telling them  a service you render and obtain patronized by them. If you possess a well-liked blog, advertisers will always contact you for a chance to place  up their adverts on your weblog.