Friday, February 21, 2020


Adding  a downloadable file a blog or site more especially using blogger is some how hard more than,using WordPress in which you can add a file or upload it directly from your PC or phone storage to your site be it music,videos or image or even sound that was recorded or downloaded.

When I created my first blog, my main aim of creating it was just to upload downloadable files like music's,videos,images and some funny sounds so that my visitors can download those file to their phone or PC storage.

But on searching the web on how to do that,I couldn't find that on the web,I also watched YouTube videos but still I find it difficult to that.

Then what was the next step I took?
The next step I took was what I converted the site to another type of blog as you can see it here its a site that tells about investors and those that love making money online telling them and teaching about profitable business they can invest into without fear.

After the converting and has make many post to that site I meet a follow blogger who helped me  create my first blog. Then I told him that I want to have a site that my visitors can download files from he then thought me how to do it which I will post the step by steps below.

How to add a downloadable file a blog using blogger
Adding this to your blog just follow this simple steps below
  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on post
  • Click on new post to add a new article
  • Write and edit your post and add image if you are uploading a music
Now convert the text to HTML by clicking on the HTML icon as shown below.
  • Copy and paste this HTML code below your article or post

<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<b><a href="">   DOWNLOAD MP3</a></b></div>
<br />
<br />
<b>You can drop your comment in the comment section below!&nbsp;</b></div>
  • Chang the site link shown in green color to your current file link address.
Keep reading to see how to change download file link to your file download link below
  • Click on publish to publish your post to be live on your blog or site.

How to get a file downloadable link to your blog or site.
Follow this simple methods below In other to complete your downloadable file in your blog or site.
  • Identify the file site you want to upload to your blog e.g naijaloaded and other site where the file is.
Keeping reading to see why you have identify and copy a file link to your site.
  • Copy the download link icon by pressing and holding on the download icon.
  • See screenshot photo below
  • Click on copy link address
See screenshot below
  • Now paste the link to replace the link with green color shown above with the current link you copied.
See screenshot below
  • Click on publish your post so it can be live on your blog or site.

why do you copy the link from those site? 
You copied those link from those site because the file was uploaded using WordPress.  Because WordPress allow direct upload of file from your phone or PC storage to your site why blogger don't support such.

If you find this topic interesting pls comment below . but if you didn't understand it just contact us using the contact link by clickiñg here so we can teach you more and also send you the videos on how to do it.


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