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Looking for the Most Beautiful Nigerian Celebrity Houses? 
Well, you’re in the right place.
Thinking of Nigerian celebrity houses, the things that come to mind are massive mansions, open swimming pools, vast garages, and so much luxury. Well, you are not far from the truth.
Nigerian celebrities don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to splashing their wealth. From Davido to Wizkid and to Africa’s Top Blogger Linda Ikeji we got everything covered. 
In this post, we are going to list the Top 10 Most Beautiful Nigerian Celebrity Houses and their locations (so you can pay them a visit if you wish to). 
This list follows no particular order, as these celebrities’ houses (mansions if you please), can’t be compared with one another. 
They are all beautiful, vast and everyone’s dream houses when they can afford it.
Below is the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Nigerian Celebrity Houses 


Africa’s top blogger Linda Ikeji recently claimed that she bought a car for a whopping sum of 100 million but we are not here to talk about her long line of automobiles. 
Back in 2015, Linda Ikeji splashed a mouth-watering sum of N500 million on a mansion (yeah, say OMG). 
Linda even shared an update on Twitter confirming the price tag of the house which shut down the internet back in 2015. 
The two-storey luxury house has on three floors with six bedrooms en-suite, two living rooms, a cinema, and a media room. 
Linda now shares the house with her son Jayce and she seems to be living the life. 
Below are the photos of the interior and exterior. In case you’re planning on getting something as such then get ready to spend over N500 million on the purchase only. You would have to chunk out more for decorations and furnishing which could crash accounts of most Nigerians. 
Linda Ikeji’s two storey mansion is located in Banana Island area of Ikoyi, Lagos.
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Moving on in our list we got long-time blockbuster controversial actress, brand influencer and entrepreneur Mercy Aigbe. 
Mercy Aigbe’s house is not only massive and beautiful but has also been the subject of controversy ever since she released the news on social media. 
Popular new outlet Instablog went as far as saying that, a state governor bought the house for her and it not the product of her hard work as she claimed. 
Mercy replied back with a savage post that got the appraisal of many of her fans. 
Mercy has also been the subject of controversy since the split from her husband Lanre Gentry in 2017 but that has not drawn her back. 
Her N200 million mansion certainly confirms that. 
Take a minute to drool on the pictures of her mansion and keep planning your own dream house.
Mercy Aigbe’s house is located in Magodo area in Lagos State. 

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Finally, a man takes his place in our list (I hope putting a man 3 places down doesn’t’ make us anti-men, remember it is in no particular order).
By now, we all know that Psquare is no more and the now big boys have gone their separate ways. While they are both making hits with their music, their houses are something that always leaves us in awe. 
Peter loves to flaunt his wealth and which makes us look at our wallets whenever we see the sheer size and beauty of his mansion. Hard work certainly pays 
Just like other celebrities listed here, Peter’s mansion is located in Ikoyi, Lagos State. 
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It would be utterly wrong to mention Peter without Paul, although they’re now split up, their success still seems to be identical. 
Just like Peter, Paul flaunts his cars and houses on social media and the interior is something to die for. The beautiful design and convenience permanently put him on our list of beautiful Nigerian celebrity houses. 
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If you love comedy then you probably know Ayo Makun or maybe you know him by his stage name “AY”.
AY not only makes great comedy and blockbuster movies, but he also has a thing for mansions like most Nigerian celebrities. 
AY moved into his house… scratch that, mansion back in October 2014 and became neighbors with Nigerian music legend 2face Idibia. 
AY refused to release information about the cost of his new home, but at least he wasn’t stingy with the pictures.
AY’s home is located in Lekki, Lagos State. 

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The Music legend takes his place in our list although there is not much known about his house due to his private lifestyle. 
Tuface acquired two houses back then in 2014 with one being beside Popular Nigerian comedian AY.
It has been speculated that the houses are worth over N400 million, but we will never know because Tuface refused to comment on that. 
His houses are both located in Lekki, Lagos State.
Below are the pictures of one of the massive mansions he owns. 
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Davido is one of Nigeria’s sensational musicians, making hits both at home and abroad.
His taste for good music is also evident in his taste of good life. Just like other Nigerian celebrities, Davido loves to flaunt his wealth on social media and broke the internet this year with a N45 million purchase of a Porche for his current lover, Chioma.
Davido calls himself O.B.O “Omo Baba Olowo”, meaning, “the son of a wealthy man” and he proved to us that his wealth is unrivaled by giving a fully furnished house in Lekki to his producer, Shizzi (@iamshizzi) back in 2014. The house was reportedly worth N45 million
Davido also owns another house in Lekki. The four-bedroom semi-detached duplex house is reportedly worth an outstanding N140 million (although this is not confirmed).
Davido’s house is located in Lekki, Lagos State.
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It might look like our list has been taken over by the male celebrities, but remember this list is all about the most beautiful Nigerian celebrity houses and Wizkid takes his place. 
The popular singer who broke into the limelight with his hit single “holla” has not slowed down ever since. He keeps gathering awards, releasing hits and flaunting his ever-growing wealth on social media. 
Wizkid acquired his home back in 2013 and released the news on Twitter. 
While Wizkid did not release the worth of the house, we can all but speculate and put it at about $16 million (go ahead and convert that to Naira).
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Many might argue that E-Money is not a celebrity and that makes my mouth drop, literally. 
A celebrity is any famous person and E-Money is definitely famous and that is why he is on our list. 
With that confirmed, we can move on to his magnificent mansion. E-Money considers himself a king and he isn’t shy to show it. The interior decoration of his mansion just proves how royal he is and all we can say is “Igwe!!!”
The oil magnate and businessman is happily married and shares his mansion with his wife and three sons. 
E-money’s multi-million naira home is located in Omole Estate, in Ikeja, Lagos State. 
C:\Users\ZAKI\Downloads\Script Writing\Ezra\emoney.jpg
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Closing our list is dancehall and reggae artiste Timaya. He is popularly known for his song “Plantain boy” which explains his rise from poverty to fame. 
Timaya has been known to be a man of good taste, with a grand style and a classic look wherever he is. He could literally turn heads even when wearing rags. 
Enough about his looks, we are moving to his magnificent new mansion which could easily revival that of most celebrities.
Most media outlets could tell you it is about N500 million in worth, but we aren’t going to do that (hands off!), we simply don’t know.
Timaya’s house comes with everything you could expect of a Nigerian celebrity house, an open swimming pool, vast garages, multiple bedrooms and a great view of the beautiful city of Lagos. 
Timaya’s new home is located in Lekki, Lagos State.
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That concludes our list of 10 Most Beautiful Nigerian Houses. From the wow to the OMG, yeah, we got everything covered. 
Most of these houses are in Lekki, a prestigious estate in Lagos and start from N100 million. If you are planning on beating their records you better start now and get on our list. 
Please leave a comment and tell us which mansion you think is the most beautiful. 

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