Wednesday, February 19, 2020


WAEC which is an acronym  for west African examination council which is examination that qualifies that one finished his or her secondary successful.

How to check WAEC results with my phone?

To check WAEC results nowadays is as simply as ABCD.there are two ways one can check his or results with his Nokia torch phone or a browsing phone.
To check follow this simply step below

Option 1 (Online)
 Go to your browser
Type input or click here
and fill in the required information as shown below

Then click on submit and your WAEC result will be displayed on your screen. Then if you want to save it on your phone you can screenshot it.

Option 2 (Offline)
This option is so simply by using your smartphone phone or even your Nokia torch phone.following this step below

•Go to your message
•Type in the following
WAEC*ExamNo*pin*Exam year
and send to 32327.sms fee of NGN30.00 is applied.
See screenshot below
if you can't do it with this simple step i think you can't do it again.

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