Saturday, February 15, 2020


We are in a world where almost 90% of the world population uses smartphones to perform their daily activities like buying  electronics targets online (e.g Tv,home theater etc), purchasing of foods, buying of airtime or data online with help of VTU and other things.

But before one will have to purchase or buy a smartphone their are facts to consider before stepping out to get one for yourself or family member either in the world markets or showrooms in or across the country.
The following listed below are to be considered

1. Display: this is important to know before buying a smartphone for yourself or family member. To have a good quality phone with high level display you have to consider the size or resolution. For those that loves watching videos on YouTube,Facebook or other platforms you have to consider purchasing the one with a ranging display of 5.5-inches to 6-inches.

2. Camera: this is for people who love displaying their goods or products to the world market by taking  clear and high quality images to display online or those who love taking selfie. By considering this one you have to purchase a phone that features a front and back camera and also consider the pixel size,auto-focus and more. I will advice to purchase a phone with 6mp to 16mp camera display.

3. Battery: this is the no.1 thing to consider before buying a smartphone and this is important for those who use it for business,watching videos,browsing,chatting and so on. I will advise you to consider purchasing the one with 3500mAh to 6000mAh.

4. Storage: this is another interesting part of this topic.before buying a smartphone try knowing the storage capacity if are the one that loves storming some documents,downloading music and videos or even storing your products on your phone before publishing it. To consider this I will advise you to buy a smartphone with up to 16GB times 32GB or even 64GB storage capacity.

5. Security: for those who don't like people having access to their phone without his or her consent,you have to consider buying a smartphone with the following security features(fingerprint sensor,voice or face unlock) will be OK to restrict people from accessing your phone anyhow without your access.

6. Version: this is also important for those that loves a good fast running phone that don't hang while using or performing some task with your consider using a fast phone you have to purchase a phone with a version of 7.0 to 9.0 android version.

7. Network: this is another interesting thing to consider before buying a smartphone. To have a fast browsing phones you have to consider buying a smartphone with 3G to 4G network coverage to help you do your online stuffs fast and easy.

With this facts displayed above I know one can purchase a good working smartphone to help him or her do his/her Daily activities with regreting.

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