Monday, February 17, 2020


Without wasting time here let me show you how to verify the authenticity of your vehicle plate number with just your smartphone .


Go to your browser and type
A box will appear,you will see something like these 
Then click on verify number plate,a box will appear type in your vehicle plate number inside the box and click on verify e.g [BGA775TA] pls don't give space while typing the numbers and it have to be written in capital letters.

After putting the vehicle plate number immediately it will display something like this Number Plate is Valid and assign to Toyota corolla or Honda civic then  you are lucky it is verified.

But if it says invalid then that means the plate number is not properly registered. Then you have to go back to RFSC for proper registration.

N/B:this process is only apllicable to vehicle numbers with this format BGS775TA.

that is,the plate number start with three letters and not like this BG775TAC 

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