Monday, March 16, 2020


On this post or subject matter we will be treating on the topic titled "how to upload a copyright to your blog".


Permit me to  say that including a copyright for your blog footer makes your blog so professional,advanced,mature and attractive.

What's A Blog Copyright?

A blog copyright those now not approach that your weblog content  is copyrighted as i notion in previous years earlier than i joined blogger.


Copyright as defined by definitely means a professional way that tells your viewer that the website blog is been owned through you.

Continually,word that including a copyright on your blog footer makes your blog seems professional and attractive as stated in advance.

Let pass straight to the factor on the way to carry out this venture of including copyright to a blog footer.

Step   Steps On How  To Upload A Copyright To A Blog

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard

  1. Click on "THEME" or "TEMPLATE"

  1. Then point to "EDIT HTML"

  1. Look for the closing body tag: to see the closing tag which is </body> scroll down to the last end of the HTML code and its located before html tag

  1. Point your mouse pointer before the closing body tag then click ENTER on your keyboard  to enter into another line

  1. Paste this code.  <p style='text-align:center;'>Copyright (c) 2020 <a href=''>Know it now</a> All Right Reserved</p>

NOTE:Remember to replace the text written in read letter to your site URL at the first read letter and your site name or any name you like to the second red letter.

After the code placement now click on save.

Congratulations your website blog has been could test it by means of checking your site and  look down to your web page footer.

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