Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Google account is one of the simplest,fastest and most inexpensive ways of sending email messages to buddies,circle of relatives and to companies like sending CV, passport images,scanned documents and so on.

As you have now regarded that google account is utilized in sending messages it's also used in receiving payments online via sending your payee or sender your google account username like paypal and so on.

To Create A New Google Account Just Observe This Easy Steps Beneath:

  1. Go to  gmail site 

  1. Click on create account
see screenshot underth

  1. Wait for a form to display see and fill in the required informations and click on next as shown below

  1. Wait for dialogue box to display 

  1. Input your phone number and click on verify 
see screenshot underth

  1. wait for a confirmation message that will be sent to your phone number

  1. Then input the code to verify that you have access to that number 

  1. Finally google will send you a welcome message
see screenshot underth

Congratulations, your new google account is now activated. You can now ship and get hold of messages from all people by means of sending them your gmail account username.

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