Friday, March 06, 2020


This process will help you know if someone is monitoring your call or not.

To know if someone is monitoring your call just dial the following numbers to know.

Dial *#61# and send if the it shows you active or voice call or call forwarded to so so number or call forwarding activiated these shows that somebody is monitoring your calls. But if it shows you voice calls not active or forwarding deactivated or call not forwarded these shows that no one is monitoring your calls.

How to stop somebody from monitoring your calls

First of all dial  *#61# to know if you are been monitored or not.

But if the person uses code to activate it ,you will see a small arrow at the side of the phone.
To cancel just dial ##002# and send or ##21# and send.

But if the person uses apapplication, you will notsee anything like sign but the person will acting like a prophet to you. All calls or phone daily activities he/she will tell you and you will be windering how he or she knows about your call. To cancel it just go to your phone settings and click on backup and reset then select factory reset to  format the phone.

Or you can actually go to your phone settings

👉click on calls settings

👉Then click on call divert or call forwarding depending on your phone settings

👉finally click on cancel all divert or forwarding.

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