Friday, March 20, 2020


This trick am about to show now can be used to monitor your family,friends and co_workers daily activities with your phone or laptop e.g calls,sms,WhatsApp,facebook etc.

Option 1
1.Pick the persons phone and go to Google play store and type spytomobile or mobile tracker or parental monitoring App.then click on search,it will display so many of them,hen choose any of them,base on what you are looking for,download it and follow their instructions in other time get a good result.


Option 2 
Pick your partners phone and press the following code
**61* or**67*.then add your number followed by #key and send.

How to know if it has worked
Use another phone to call that line it will ring there,after some seconds it will automatically ring on your phone.

N/B:do not pick first,it is your partner hat will pick first  and he or she must have enough airtime credit.

How to cancel it
To cancel it just dial the following numbers ##61# or ##67# and send 

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