Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Many Android phone user's need a phone that features a long lasting battery after buying or purchasing a phone that features a good or average battery capacity like 3500MAH - 6000MAH but still there'll be somethings which will reduce the battery  quickly or what we call 'battery sucker'.

But here on knowitnow.info we give tips, tricks and guild on the way to overcome those issues or problems.

Firstly let's examine some things  that drains battery quickly

Screen light (phone brightness)


Apps. and lots of more

Now we've known a number of the items that quickly drain the battery ,let's see the way to reduce the battery usage or consumption.

How to reduce battery usage or consumption?

Follow this easy guide and recommendations on the way to reduce battery consumption.

Always transitioned your mobile data when not use

Always reduce your phone brightness when phone isn't in use

Always close your background app or apps that aren't in use

Always delete apps that aren't in use

Do not over charge your phone battery

Do not charge and be pressing your phone when phone remains in charging mode

Do not remove your phones battery always more especially for removable batteries because none removable is hard to remove.

Always use original or follow come charger to charge your phone whenever is low or shutdown.

Do not allow your phone to modify off by itself thanks to a coffee battery.

I suggest switching off your phone by yourself when it's 10% or lower.

10. Always turn on your battery saver or switch battery to automatically save battery at a specific percentage.

With this listed above i do know when applied will help reduce battery usage or consumption.

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