Sunday, March 29, 2020


The  rate of knowledge consumption now's very high in our different countries, so during this topic we'll treat on the way to reduce the high consumption

Let me start with a brief story on what warrants me to write down about this subject.

I remember once I bought my first android phone,on the primary week I subscribed almost to NGN3000, i started to mention in my mind that this is often what i'm getting to be doing hebdomadally with my salary.

Then at some point i made a decision to call my network subscriber customer care to elucidate what am browsing with their network on high consumption of knowledge. But they told me some things to try to to on my phone which will help reduce the value which i'm getting to share below.

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usability Or Consumptions

Follow these simple steps to assist, not that it'll make your data last forever or there about but it'll assist you reduce the high rate as an example you subscribed for one month which don't even last for one complete week but with these little tips it are often ready to last for one week or more.

Always remember to modify off your mobile data when not in use

Always restrict high data consumable apps from using your data when on background mode on your phone.

Always turn on your data saver on your phone 

Always cut your Auto update of apps when on mobile data or cellular data counting on the sort of phone you're using

Always turn on your browser data saver e.g chrome, opera mini and therefore the rest 

Always logout of high counseling data sites 

Always download useful apps from google playstore for android users instead of downloading and deleting the app which has consumed data. 

Note: Always examine apps reviews before Downloading

Always download useful apps and files

Delete apps which may not be useful that consumes data

Always subscribe bigger data bundles so as to get a much bigger gigabyte or megabytes

With the subsequent tips above i feel it'll really help tons in reducing the high rate of knowledge usage or consumptions.

Also read on the way to Reduce mobile Battery Usage Or Consumptions.

Pls comment, so as to motivate us to try to to more and more on tips and tricks.

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