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Tracking or even tracing a stolen or lacking telephone are actually less difficult and quicker than the previous days where cell phones will be lacking or maybe stolen the owner will cry and just forget about it because he or she don't have any different alternative to recover it 

Once more many people think that a stolen smartphone could be recovered if only the smartphone is with in-build or rooted tracker.

The step, am about to show now is recuperating through imei code which is the 15 digit range that can be gotten via dialing *06# or through checking at the back of the cellphone.

What's Imei Code?

Imei number is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number} which is a  number given to a single phone.

IMEI code or number can be used to 

  1. Identify original and fake phone

  1. Track and trace a phone.

  1. Monitor a phone

These Are Step By Steps To Get Better Missing Or Stolen Smartphone 

  1. Before the got missing or stolen just dial *06# or check at the back of the phone to get its IMEI code which is a 15 digit unique number.

  1. Copy the number in a safe place like personal jotta or even an online document stores

  1. Once the phone got stolen or missing just  just go to your email account or your friends email account and type in the following details.

  1. your name

  1. Your address

  1. The stolen phone model( Nokia,Techno,Infinix,IPhone etc

  1. The stolen phone make(Technology spark 4,Nokia 9,Iphone 11 ETC)

  1. Last stolen phone number(the mobile number that was used when the phone got stolen or missing)

  1. Your email(email address where the details of the stolen phone will be sent to you)

  1. Missed date(the date the phone got stolen)

  1. IMEI number(the 15 digit number you copy or pasted in a secured place as mentioned above)

After imputing those information mentioned above in your email create message box  just send it to this email address which is the email of the company that will track the phone and also give you feedback through the email you provided for communication as mentioned above.

After message efficaciously despatched just look forward to as a minimum of 24 hours the stolen phone information can be despatched to you on the way to comprise the subsequent statistics's.

The stolen phone currently location

The new user's number that have been inserted on the phone which you can use to call the person that stole the phone or better still use the to track the person or the criminal

The new users account details like facebook username or full name,instagram username,twitter username and other social media gateways if they are applicable

after you have the above informations you may quick rush to the nearest security company and inform them about your stolen telephone and the records you have gotten thus far 


you could touch the network providers and inform them approximately your missing phone and additionally deliver them the new customers cellular wide variety that was sent to you on your E-mail account by way of the monitoring organisation which they will use to track the cellphone and additionally come up with more statistics approximately the vicinity of the cellphone .

with this above stated step i think locating a stolen telephone may be an awful lot less complicated than just forgetting approximately your cellphone and some crucial information or documents you stored to your smartphone which the thief or crook will have get entry to to,  if the smartphone isn't locked with a robust protection code.

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