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This topic will emphasize the topic titled know about security where we will clear many people who mis-understood what security is all about.

Let me start by saying that security is not all about opening and closing of gates as many people think of .

Let first define

What is security?
Security simply means securing life's and properties.

What do we mean by this
What we mean by security life's and properties is that as a security officer you secure life's of people in the premisses by disapproving any dangerous thing from entering the premisses and also protect the companies property from been damaged by watching and been observative from dangerous activities like fire outbreak and so on.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Security Officer
  1. Read and write
  2. Boldness
  3. Honest
  4. Smart
  5. Self control and self discipline
  6. Should involve in any criminal activities
  7. Should not involve in any manner of sexual harassment
  8. Vigilant and alert
  9. You must be neat 
  10. You must be punctual to work

Organs Of A Security Officer
  1. Eyes - for observation
  2. Mouth - for communication
  3. Hand - for writing and directions
  4. Nose - for smelling
  5. Legs - for walking and patrolling
  6. Ear - for hearing

Duties Of A Security Officer
The Following Are The Main Duties Of A Security Officer

  1. Access Control
Access control is the total management of all access points.

It mainly involves the movement of vehicles, goods, and person's in and out of every establishment.

Again access control involves the following
i. Searching
ii. Gate pass

Searching: is a closed examination to the subject e.g vehicles, goods and persons

Why do we conduct searching?
We conduct searching for the following
  1. To prevent crime
  2. To recover stolen items(s)
  3. To avoid dangerous and harmful things going into the premisses

Gate-pass: this is the authority given to you as a security officer to do something 
i. Authority to allow vehicle out of the premisses
ii. Authority to allow visitors into the premisses
iii. Authority to allow goods into the premisses

2. Patrolling
Patrolling is the total movement from one beat to the order in order to detect, observe, prevent and determine intruders from coming into the premises.

Note: Patrolling is very necessary in security work 

Principles Of Patrolling
  1. Ensure your radio message is working properly
  2. Do not leave your working area without permission
  3. Always inform your supervisor or superior of any danger detected while on patrol
  4. Always walk through the walkway while on patrol if appliances
  5. Report exactly what happened while on patrol

3. Report writing and documentation
Report writing and documentation means writing everything eventually that happens when you are on duty.
E.g damaged property, recovered stolen property e.t.c

Things To Consider While Writing A Report
  1. Who is involve
  2. What happened
  3. When it happened
  4. Why it happened
  5. Where it happened

Qualities Of A Good Reporter
  1. You must have an accurate report
  2. You must be complete in reporting
  3. You must be descriptive
  4. You must be honest when reporting
  5. You must include who, when, what, when and where it happened.

Security Threat
Security threat as defined by google is the actually the risk which can potentially harm the computer or organization 

Types Of Security Threat
  1. Internal threat
This is the threat that is found within or inside the premisses

  1. External threat
This is the threat found outside the premisses

Counts Measures Against Security Threat
  1. Report and observe suspicious objects like vehicle's, goods and person's
  2. Ensure every security measures put in place by the organization
  3. Do not discuss the security measures with person's other than your colleague
  4. Do not confront any large group of persons rather call for backup
  5. Always be at alert when an unknown person entertain the premisses
  6. Know how to use your weapons e.g baton, gun, knife e.t.c
  7. Always be visible and effective
  8. Do not endanger your life and that of your colleague or visitors
  9. Always ensure your gate(s) is locked
  10. Maintain a good attitude.

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