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Ever wanted to know more about the luxurious mansion of one of Nigeria’s most talented musicians? Or you are just looking for photos of the interior and exterior of Tekno’s luxurious mansion. Then you are in the right place because we got your covered. 
Being one of Nigeria’s greatest young artists, Tekno’s rise to fame was quite spontaneous and a really big achievement since he is more of a solo artist compared to other Nigeria’s musicians who need a lot of collaborations with top artists to make headway in the music industry.
In this article, we got exclusive photos of Tekno’s house, including information about the cost and location of the luxurious mansion. 


Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his professional name Tekno is a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter, music producer, performer, and dancer. Tekno once went by a different stage name, Tekno Miles, but officially changed it to Tekno. 
Tekno is of Igbo decent which heavily influences his style and lyrics of music. The artist got official recognition after his performance of a song titled “Onye Ne Kwu” (who is talking), his remix of Ice Prince’s “Oleku”. At the event, he met fellow musical artist Iyanya and Ubi Franklin, the manager of Made Men Music Group. Both men encouraged Tekno to not let his talent go to waste and move into the city of Lagos to further his music career.
Tekno signed under Made Men Music Group in 2013 and released his widely acclaimed hit song “Duro” two years later. The song was later remixed featuring artists Phyno and Flavour N’abania. Ever since Tekno has released several other hits such as Wash, Pana, Diana, and many others. 
The artist, however, was the subject of controversy in 2018 when he released a song titled “Jogodo”. The song became an instant hit but it was reported that Tekno stole the song from Ajegunle music stars, Danfo Drivers who claimed Tekno used the song without their permission.
Although the duo group threatened to deal with the artiste for the alleged intellectual property theft, things seem to return to normal after Tekno shared a photo of himself with the musical duo convincing his fans that there was no bad blood between them.
Tekno has won several awards including 1 MTV Africa Music Awards for Best New Act and 1 Nigeria Music Video Awards for Best Pop Extra Video.
Tekno also has several endorsement deals under his belt, such as an endorsement deal with telecommunication giant MTN Nigeria which he signed back in 2016. The deal was reportedly worth millions and his first endorsement deal. Tekno recently signed another endorsement deal with Universal Music Group Nigeria, although the worth of the deal was not revealed, it is expected to be in the millions. The artist also signed an endorsement deal with Pepsi alongside many other Nigerian music artists. 


It would be really difficult to find a Nigerian musician who doesn’t flaunt his wealth on social media as most artists go on social media to show off their assets to their fans. While we can’t say for sure why these artists do this we can simply agree that they are blessed and enjoying the good things of life. 
Tekno acquired his luxurious mansion back in 2017 while he was still celebrating the massive success of his hit track “Pana”. The luxurious mansion is located in… wait for it… Villa Estate, Lekki, Lagos. Lagos is one of the busiest cities in Nigeria and has the best economy of Nigerian states, so we can see why most Nigerian entertainers are based in the city and decide to settle in either Banana Island or Lekki Area. 
Tekno house is reportedly worth N50 million according to some media outlets, although the artist did not release any information about the cost of the house. You can go ahead to believe it should cost N50 million because houses in Lekki are definitely expensive and for the wealthy. 
The house has many features including an outdoor swimming pool, an exquisite kitchen, and several bedrooms. We couldn’t help but notice that the house lacked a garage and Tekno had to park his fleet of cars outside. 
Although we couldn’t get much sneak peeks into the interior of the house, Tekno was kind of enough to grace us with photos of his bedroom, which features the basics a bedroom should have but also a customized music studio right at the side of the bed. 
Tekno released pictures where he gave his longtime girlfriend and baby mama Lola Rae a tour of the house. But don’t worry, we have amazing pictures of the mansion and you can check them out below
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If you are a Nigerian, then you would probably know it is impossible to find a Nigerian musician with just one car. Tekno certainly has a fleet of cars under his belt which he flaunts on social media. 
Tekno’s house is luxurious and exquisite and probably the dream of most Nigerians as they hustle to get to the top. You can check out the photos of the house and tell us what you think of the talented singer’s mansion in the comment box below.

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