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Creating a blog is numerous people's desire but creating knowledgeable one is numerous peoples concern.

 Here on this post we are getting to unleash or discuss the subsequent steps on the way to create a blog more especially knowledgeable one indeed.

But before we enter the complete step by steps let know what blog is all about

3 Definitions Of  A Blog Site?

A blog may be a discussion or informational website on the planet wide web consisting of discrete, often information diary-style text entries. ---As defined by Wikipedia


A blog a daily updated website or webpage, typically one travel by a private or small group, that's written in an information or conversational style ---As defined by oxford dictionary 


A blog may be a regular piece of data or discussion a few particular topic written by a private or group of Authors --- As defined by

That's all about the definition of blog site, now let's know the kinds of blog site we've.

18 sorts of Blog Site

Here are the eighteen sorts of blog sites we've. they're as follows.

Fashion blog

Travel blog

News blog

Music blog

Lifestyle blog

Sports blog

Political blog

Movie blog

Gaming blog

Pets blog

Fitness blog

Food blog

Finance blog

Personal blog

Business blog

Diy blog

Parenting blog

Car blog

Step By Steps On the way to Create knowledgeable Blog

Select an ideal topic to write down about as listed above

Now, Choose a blogging platform using any of the following blogger, wordpress wini and the rest depending on your choice

Choose an ideal name that suits your blog type e.g

Choose an ideal or knowledgeable theme or template

Write an honest content from your scratch

Have an honest mentor you'll be following his steps and guidance

Why you've got to make A Blog Or Have A Blog Site

If you're the type of person who has the eagerness of writing a stimulating and  educative topics i feel creating a blog is true for you otherwise you are the sort that likes to pass information's to the planet like news and other stuff's.

How To Create A Blog With Blogger.Com

To create a free professional blog with just follow this easy steps below

Create a blogger account together with your google account

Click on create new blog

Enter the datas below i.e your title, your address it should be like this for instance

Now click on create

Now you're done creating your blog

Now click on create post to write down your first article then click on publish

Note: Always click on compose before writing a piece of writing and never click on HTML while writing a piece of writing.

Also note that once you need to make use of the HTML is once you are adding an adverts or download link to your post but it should plan writing on compose before switching to HTML.

Blog created successfully, now its time to get a website name like and a topic to form it look professional.

Click here to understand the way to purchase a  custom name and also add it to your blog site

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