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Right here at the house of data we give points and guilds. 

on this material we are getting to give an evidence for the step by  steps on the way to buy a custom name and additionally configure it in your blog site online

In our preceding material we mentioned how to make a knowledgeable blog site.

now let's have a glance at the thanks to buy a site name and additionally configure it to your blog internet site

But before we continue to elucidate the steps let's examine or know what name is all about

What Is a website Name?

Domain name is employed in URL to spot a specific website e.g

As a newly created blog your blog   will usually be during this form but to convert it or to try to to away with you've got to get a custom name from a website name registrar for instance,, or and therefore the remainder of it.

Now we've regarded the varied domains and registrar. Let's have a glance at the steps on the way to determine it on our blog website .

How To Configure a website Name To Our Blog Site On Blogger.Com

Go to either one among the subsequent name registrar, or anybody of your choice

Click on the search name then input the name you would like to use to understand if it's available for purchase.

If the name is out there for purchase then click on purchase or buy counting on the location platform

Make payment with either your Atm card or through an offline payment i.e transfer or direct deposit

After a successful name purchase now it is time to configure it to your blog site

Now attend your name registrar website

Look for name system (DNS)

Go to your blogger dashboard

Click ON settings

Click on basic

Look for blog address under publishing

Click on + found out a 3rd party for your blog

Input your name on the dialogue box and press save

Your blog  domain CNAMEs will then display then copy it outNow, attend your name registrar website

Locate the name system (DNS)

Add the CNAMEs to your DNS dialogue box and click on on found out blogger setting

Wait for a minimum of half-hour

Then return to your blogger dashboard and click on on save 

After clicking on save return then click on the name edit button and appearance for 

◽redirect to tick it

and click on save.

Congratulations configuration  executed correctly now visit your browser to enter your name after which click on attend verify if its performed perfectly.

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