Saturday, May 16, 2020


I assume we all recognize that a number of subscribers experience high mobile data depletion with none important downloads.

Many subscribers’ especially  MTN and AIRTEL complains about the  illegally deducting of there mobile Data which is but to be constant. some couples of weeks in the past, MTN gave reasons why mobile data get exhausted on time on consumer’s telephone without any major use of the data.

However, Nigerian communications Commission(NCC) has given subscribers the essential motives why there mobile data get depleted all of the time on their smart gadgets.

In step with NCC, “the reasons for the upward push in data consumption and depletion, which is classed by means of a few customers as ‘illegal deduction’, encompass the development in technology, which has caused the rise in packages, updates and services that leverage in this generation and advancement of supportive data infrastructure.”

Others, in step with him, are increase in video-primarily based advertising content by way of social media organizations which in a few cases are layered on loose offerings provided by way of the agencies; auto updates of apps at the phone over cellular records community without any form of prompting or intervention by  the user of the mobile smartphone.

In case you are a subscribers of any of the telecom vendors above, and your mobile data gets exhausted on time, below are the various ways to fix it.

The 7 Way To Prevent Your Cellular Data From Onerous On Time

  • Forestall apps from automatically updating themselves.

  • Stop google play services from ingesting your data.

  • Facebook  has video auto play, remember to switch it off

  • Turn on your mobile phone data saver

  • Turn off background data for apps that you find  consuming your data while on background mode

  • Download less videos that has high data consumption

  • Instagram consumes plenty data, and in case you are constantly on instagram, here are the way on how to forestall instagram from hugely ingesting your mobile data..

  • Stop auto video playing on your instagram app

  • Switch on your data saver on your instagram app

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