Monday, June 22, 2020


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I am here to pointout to you ways to insert, upload , direct download hyperlink in blogger weblog posts.

To upload a direct download link in blogger, right here we create direct download link for blog with the use of google drive, if we have got a blog where we share  audio files, video for watch, software for downloads, android apps or information for downloads or view, then we first upload them in one vicinity like Google Drive, now here we copy the share link from google drive and now post it to our blogger blog then publish it for our viewers and visitors to download and luxuriate in it on their smartphone or PC. 

Now site visitors will come to our blogger publication, then they'll click at the download link or button, then the location visitors will visit the download preview choice of google drive, here we'll provide the direct download hyperlink to the visitors, in order that he can download the file easily on one click. 

Create Direct Download Hyperlinks For Documents:- 

STEP 1: visit google drive and click on on the blue new button then click document or folder upload link. upload direct download link in blogger step 2 below

Step 2: Here we upload any documents or folders. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 3 below

Step 3: Here we properly click on the record that you simply want to share and click on on share... link. 
add direct download link in blogger step 4 below

Step 4: On this pop up window we click on get shareable link. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 5 below

Step 5: Now click on the copy link button or you press Ctrl c on your PC and click on the blue finished button. upload direct download link in blogger step 6 below

Step 6: now open Google Drive hyperlink generator and that we paste that hyperlink into the primary text container then click the generate button. 
add direct download link in blogger step 7 below

Step 7: Right here now what we will do now is to  copy the generated direct link we got from the Google drive link generator. 
upload direct download hyperlink in blogger step 8 below

Step 8: Visit your blogger dashboard Go to your post put up and pick the textual content that you simply give hyperlink then click on hyperlink choice.
 add direct download link in blogger step 9 below

Step 9 Now paste the generated  hyperlink to where you want it to be on your post or content. 

Step 10: Click  ok button and publish

With this mentioned above steps i think that adding a file to your blog from your google drive account won't be a hindrance, be it for download or view only.

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