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Yes on this topic I'm going to discuss and review the counta  measures one can use  to prevent his or her  Facebook account being hacked by  criminals.

Facebook as  known, has been the number one social media platform across the globe where  many online users interact with their friends and also perform the following Like voice call, video call,  view friends pictures and also see trending markets in the world of business.

But as a legal owner or registered member of a Facebook account do you know that your account can be hacked by hackers, scammers or internet criminals?

Many people always ask, what do these hackers use my  Facebook account to do? 

But I tell you they use your Facebook account they hacked to perform many illegal activities online.

Now let me tell you what they use your hacked Facebook account to do.

  1. They use it to steal money from your friends.
In this way, when your Facebook account is being hacked like you are a pastor, business man and the rest they will use it to request money from your friends in which your friend might think you were the one that did request for such.

Like previously, I logged in to my Facebook account and I just saw a message from my uncle who is a pastor telling me that he saw death in my family last night on his dream and has prayed against it but I should sow a seed of faith to his account no, I just laughed because I knew his account has been hacked.

What did I do next? I decided to publish a post to my friends telling them not to listen to any message from my uncle's account, that those messages are not from him, that his Facebook account has been hacked by the criminal.

  1. They use your Facebook account to do illegal business.
This one is the one we regard as Yahoo Yahoo. 
In this way they always find a Facebook account that has been valid for years so they can use it to steal money from all these businessmen or women telling them they have been into so.. so.. so business that they will like to partner with you. And you know the worst part is that they  will go online to find a good product you might like, then send it to you so that you will think they are real and legit, they will also send you prices telling you to pay before the goods will be delivered to you.

So now we know what those hacker's use your Facebook account to do, let's see how to prevent them from hacking your's.

How to prevent your Facebook account been hacked by hackers

➡️ Always put a strong password that will not be easy to guess (always combine alphabet,numbers and symbols ) to your passwords.

➡️ Always hide some of your identities online

➡️ Don't put your Facebook registered phone number online

➡️ Always log out of your Facebook account before giving your phone out or always lock your Facebook app with an external app lock.

➡️ Always switch off your auto password saver on your browser for Facebook

➡️ Don't use your Facebook account to sign up for other accounts which are not popular, legal or authorized.

➡️ Always use two- factor authentication
See how to do that below……

How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication

➡️ Login to your Facebook account

➡️click on the three arrows at the right side of your Facebook account.  See screenshot below

➡️ Scroll down and click on "settings"

➡️ Scroll down and click on "security and login"

➡️ Now click on "use two-factor authentication"

➡️  Now Click on "use authentication app"

➡️  Copy the code displayed

➡️ Now go to your "Authentication App"

➡️ Click on the + Button 

➡️ Click on enter Generated Key, now paste the code you copied from Facebook 

➡️ click Ok or Submit

➡️  On your Authentication App you will see a code, now copy the code

➡️ Go back to Facebook and paste the code  and click on "Continue"

Congratulations, your Facebook account has been protected successfully.

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