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Are you always feeling you have run out of gas emotionally? Do you have hot flashes when you ask about your wedding plans or other commitment plans? If so, perhaps the fear of commitment has kept you busy, and this is known as gamophobia too. So, whatever the reason is, you need to know that it is okay to feel these things from time to time, and with the right attitude, you can overcome the fear of commitment, and have a wonderful life.

Understand that in some extreme cases, the fear of commitment can actually be a real medical condition that may require medical attention as well, and so you might need to see your doctor on this issue. On the other hand, it may be perfectly normal for you to feel this way if you are  not romantically involved with other people.

What Exactly Is Gamophobia And How Serious Is It For One To Live With This Disease?

Contrary to popular belief, gamophobia is not just a fear of marriage, alone. It is the fear of commitment that is categorized by an individual’s inability to maintain relationships until mental and physical symptoms appear. These symptoms can sometimes be extreme in nature which can lead to panic attacks, as well as anxiety.

It is widely believed that gamophobia is more common in men, this is because men are more prone to have an ingrained fear of involvement and living a life committed to a particular individual.
However, women are just as likely as men to develop this phobia, as the most common cause of gamophobia in the past has been a traumatic experience, experienced by women in the long run.

What Are The Causes Of Gamophobia?

* Personal insecurity can lead to this phobia

* Fear of abandonment by a loved one too

*Depression as a result of circumstances beyond an individual’s control

* Unhealthy parental ties, which could be severe in the case of children raised by single parents, as a result of divorce by both parents

* Self-destructive tendencies, which arises as a result of peer pressure, and their social media presence.

How Can One Identify A Possible Case Of Gamophobia?

* Panic caused by any thoughts of marriage / engagement is a clear indication

* Inability to participate in other areas of life, especially mingling with the opposite sexes

*Fear of anything, and most times, in relation to long term relationships 

* Negative thoughts and flashbacks of past experience which triggers fear of abandonment. 

* Loss of control over life’s circumstances, and events

*Attacking oneself or another human with or without genuine reasons

* Chest pain developed as a result of too much thinking

*Motion sickness whether explainable or inexplicable

* Dizziness or fainting frequently

*Breathing difficulty alongside chest pains which was mentioned above

* Emotionally not available at all times, which has nothing to do with mood swing

What Then Are The Possible Treatments Of Gamophobia?

Like other mental health problems, gamophobia can be treated with medication, these include 
Cognitive behavioral therapy which is highly recommended for people with low impulse control as well as people who suffer from impaired cognitive behavior. People with gamophobia often take self-destructive measures, so cognitive therapy is especially useful for such people.

Counseling is also one of the treatments, and it is an intensive form of treatment and non-invasive in nature. It allows people to learn about their experiences, fears and feelings, at the same time, open up, and possibly heal as they do so. Highly recommended for those who have experienced trauma or adverse situations in the past, especially if it had something to do with a broken relationship.
Hypnotherapy is another one, but has become less popular over time due to controversial views about this practice. It is great for such people who tend to suppress their past memories and deny an underlying problem, in order not to feel its overwhelming presence at all.
Medications in some cases are often recommended by doctors, this will be either as therapy or as an autonomous form of treatment.
In conclusion, dealing with gamophobia is relatively easy as it is only a social disorder that can be overcome with a positive attitude, mindset, mentality and the right treatment.

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